Will Dogecoin Ever Reach $100?

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By its first birthday, Dogecoin had a market capitalization of $20 million and a loyal fanbase. Two weeks later on Dec. 19, the value of Dogecoin jumped 300%, perhaps due to China forbidding its banks from investing in cryptocurrency. Public.com lets you invest in stocks, ETFs, and crypto with any amount of money. Share insights in a community and access a wealth of educational content. Dogecoin has “dogeflation” or simply a fixed amount of inflation. What this means is that BTC is more volatile and more susceptible to pump and dump schemes.

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The market punished a handful of highly vulnerable names when broad weakness started to take shape, but some selling’s been way overdone. Analysts see solid growth prospects for cryptocurrency miners. Dogecoin now garners considerable retail investor attention, following in the footsteps of other financial fashion fads presenting themselves in 2021, such as GameStop , SPACs or non-fungible tokens . The pithy observation often attached to Picasso appears to apply not only to the art world, but to cryptocurrency as well. Minority Mindset has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Minority Mindset and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers.

  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk has urged Dogecoin investors to be cautious, too, in a video he posted on social media, as I explained for the Deseret News.
  • By the 2020s, the coin reached full cult status, and Reddit’s WallStreetBets community paired billionaire tweets skyrocketed the coin’s price to historic levels.
  • For one, you can use this coin just like Bitcoin to quickly and securely send value to anyone internationaly.
  • And i think it will take almost 5 to 6 months to reach 1 cent.
  • Because Dogecoin has been around so long, it has a place in the crypto space for the long haul.
  • Dogecoin has one of the largest and most active communities in the cryptocurrency world.

I must stress that buying Dogecoin — or any other crypto, established or junk — is extremely risky. If you don’t know how to read people, I’d stay away from DOGE. That especially goes for those who have to answer to someone, say a spouse or partner. You might find yourself untethered from your most important relationships. Instead of ladders, these people are looking for trampolines — risky, volatile investments that could either result in a life-changing windfall or send them right back to where they started.

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He’s also held management roles at Goldman Sachs and BlackRock. Musk’s subsequent bullish tweets about dogecoin appeared to further catalyze a rally in the crypto. A etoro broker review uk single dogecoin was valued at 8.1 cents, up around 30% on Monday; back in late January it was changing hands at less than a penny, costing 0.007 cent as of Jan. 27.

Hot wallets are digital and connected to the internet, but cold wallets are actual hardware that may be disconnected from the internet, making them less vulnerable to hackers. To the best of our knowledge, legislation in most jurisdictions has not rendered Dogecoin illegal. However, some countries have strong restrictions or outright bans on foreign currency. Other countries, such as Thailand, may place restrictions on the licensing of certain businesses, such as Dogecoin exchanges. This way, if you want to buy dogecoin stock, you will make the right calculations. Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency with a friendly and fun brand image, whose main aim is to be an accessible introduction to cryptos.

Dogecoin got even more media attention in early 2021 on the back of the Wallstreetbets GameStop phenomenon. That’s the same year when DOGE’s market capitalization surged beyond $80 billion, with a new all-time-high reaching close to $0.70. But there’s still so much risk and volatility to the market, experts say. In fact, even the official Dogecoin Twitter account urged caution among investors, especially since there are some scams going around about the cryptocurrency. With such easy access for younger groups, a new culture has grown and emerged on Reddit and other forums, many of which are focused more on humor than they are on sound investment decisions.

Dogecoin’s code is based on another cryptocurrency, Luckycoin. However, DOGE coin has been far luckier in its rise to success. Dogecoin’s price chart looks insane now with the recent pump driven by Elon Musk, TikTok, and other mainstream investors, making predicting future price action more difficult now.

This covers both traditional brick-and-mortar establishments such as restaurants and residences, as well as well-known internet services. While Dogecoin is still a relatively new phenomena, it is rapidly gaining popularity. Dogecoin is nothing more than a mobile app or computer program that gives users their own personal Dogecoin wallet and allows them to send and receive Dogecoins. Cold wallets, on the other hand, are often more expensive than hot wallets, and you risk losing access to your crypto currency if you lose or forget the password to access your cold wallet. Outside of your exchange, you can store your Dogecoin in a hot wallet or a cold wallet.


You can open an individual retirement account, such as a Roth or traditional IRA. Just be sure to compare the two,as they vary in tax benefits, contribution limits and income requirements. SoFi, Ally Invest and Schwab are some examples of places you can open a retirement account. Just be sure to take into consideration your investment goals and when you’re looking to reach them. Remember that different goals will warrant different strategies and time horizons. For example, if your goal is to save enough for a down payment on a home, that will likely require much less time than if you were saving for retirement.

While its price has been wildly volatile, with a massive drop in mid 2021 from its all-time high of just over 70 cents per coin, Dogecoin continues to be a popular crypto option. If you’re wondering how to buy Dogecoin, here’s what you need to know. His tweets have often caused a significant price lift and he has described Dogecoin as the cryptocurrency of the people. Dogecoin is now close to, if not as accessible to buy as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Users incorrectly called it a stock, but nonetheless, it had users asking, “why is Dogecoin going up” instead of “why is Dogecoin dropping and going down” for a change. Anyone could find a new block using their computer’s CPU in the early days of Dogecoin. As more people began mining, the difficulty of discovering new blocks increased dramatically, to the point where specialized hardware is now the only cost-effective form of mining. All that is required for a form of money to have value is trust and adoption with these characteristics. This may be assessed in the case of Dogecoin by the expanding number of users, merchants, and startups. Robinhood’s users would very much like the opportunity to spend their money on a joke based on another joke.

However, the constant introduction of new coins into the market put downward pressure on Dogecoin’s valuation. As Robinhood does not give your wallet address or access, you can’t spend it online or pay others with your Robinhood Dogecoin. Online brokers, such as Webull and ETrade, enable you to manage your own investments and typically have no required minimum balance. But they do charge fees for things such as stock and options trading. So be sure to compare what each brokerage charges before choosing one. Unlike retirement accounts which have restrictions on when you can withdraw funds, taxable brokerage accounts allow you to deduct money at any time.

The 125-year old Dow industrials are on brink of correction. Here’s what history says happens next in the U.S. stock market. “Musk’s musings is dogecoin risky are interesting, and he can be controversial — however, it’s peoples individual interpretations and actions that are at fault,” Hayter said.

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“These are strange times with elements of ochlocracy manifesting as populism — from the Capitol Hill to GameStop,” Charles Hayter, CEO of London-based research site CryptoCompare, told MarketWatch. In early 2014, the community sponsored a fundraising event that secured $25,000 for the Jamaican bobsled team. This event marked the start of an impressive donations rally. The community then focused on getting clean water in Kenya. After another successful event, Dogecoin went on to train assistance dogs for autistic children. Don’t risk it with crypto just because there’s a lot of hype.

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Performance information may have changed since the time of publication. You can choose to store your Dogecoin in a hot wallet or a cold wallet outside of your exchange. Hot wallets are digital and connected to the internet whereas cold wallets are physical hardware that you can disconnect, making them much less susceptible to hacking. When you buy Dogecoin, it’s by default kept in your exchange’s or brokerage’s crypto wallet. Because these are generally connected to the internet, some investors prefer to withdraw the crypto they purchase from their exchange or brokerage and store it in another wallet. Before you can begin trading cryptocurrencies, you must deposit money in your exchange or brokerage account.

Dogecoin’s average block time is about one minute vs. Bitcoin’s 10-minute block time. The blockchain can see upward of 50,000 DOGE transactions completed per day. Wondering how to get some DOGE, or how to invest in Dogecoin? Dogecoin mining is one way to get a hold of Dogecoin, though you can also buy, sell and trade DOGE. Whether it’s the prospect of automated arbitrage betting a profitable investment or the technological component that excites you, think of it with a long view in mind and don’t go in looking for quick easy money. Bitcoin, the first and most established cryptocurrency, has shown itself to be a better fit for holding and increasing in value than others, which remain much more speculative and unpredictable.

If Dogecoin users successfully complete a fundraiser, it will garner media attention which is likely to result in a positive price rise for DOGE. However, these surges are often followed by sharp crashes as large volume traders engage in profit-taking. It can be possible to try and predict those crashes but it is risky and it may result in you losing money, rather than making it. In contrast, cryptocurrencies, like Dogecoin, take a decentralized approach to produce new tokens, and DOGE is created by its community.

In fact, Cuban offered $25 gift cards for customers buying Mavs merch with DOGE this NBA season. Still, a coin with such popularity can afford to remain static in development, or the lack of. The most recent notable impact on DOGE has been the REN project’s cross-chain liquidity solution that allowed renDOGE to be accessed on the Ethereum blockchain.

It became evident that something or someone had to stop the slide and board up the sinking ship. A narrative started to surround the banks about their alleged “too big to fail” nature. The economy had been built up with straw and the bank’s practice of derivatives of derivatives tumbled like dominoes until the straw house collapsed. If any more banks were to fail the global economy would surely continue free-falling.

It also fails to serve a market need not met by the other major cryptos in circulation. Individual investors using Robinhood and other free stock trading apps to place commission-free trades in and out of the currency. But many of the investments have delivered flash-in-the-pan returns that are now finding more losers than winners.

Which exchange you choose is up to you though, and don’t forget DOGE isn’t the only altcoin on the market. Information provided on Forbes Advisor is for educational purposes only. Your financial situation is unique and the products and services we review may not be right for your circumstances. We do not offer financial advice, advisory or brokerage services, nor do we recommend or advise individuals or to buy or sell particular stocks or securities.

No stores accepted it as payment and the average person still thought Bitcoin was magic internet money. Now the narrative has changed, and Dogecoin has had a significant impact in cryptocurrency adoption as a whole. Gone are the days of boring CDs and treasury bonds from grandma. The new generation speaks in memes on their iPads from the age of 3, and their finances ought to reflect that. How much you ultimately decide to invest in Dogecoin should be guided by your risk tolerance and your current financial situation. For example, if you’re behind on your retirement savings and don’t have an emergency fund, you should invest less money in Dogecoin.

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Musk’s comments have been known to move the price of Bitcoin as well, like when he tweeted that Tesla would no longer accept Bitcoin last May. But meme coins, like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, are even riskier than more popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether, which have way more investors involved, Halaburda says. Musk’s comments have been known to move the price of Bitcoin as well, like when he tweeted that Tesla would no longer accept Bitcoin last May. And investing money in obscure cryptocurrencies has, historically, been akin to tossing it onto a bonfire. Markus will be the first to admit that Dogecoin was created as a joke. He even sold his entire position in 2015 which would have been worth millions today.

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