I received a call from a woman with a heavy Indian accent telling me I was approved for a loan

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I received a call from a woman with a heavy Indian accent telling me I was approved for a loan

I was contacted stating there would be officers coming to my work to escort me to the court house and that I had received a loan for $120

After several conversations she convinced me that all I needed to do was buy a Card to transfer money like a Vanilla card etc. Turns out that I needed to “verify” that I could pay & ended up putting $ & $. Needless to say it is gone. They actually asked for more money to get the loan onto my acct. I should have known better. These people take advantage of desperate people! DO NOT GIVE THEM MONEY!! Worst mistake ever!

However I now owe $5400 for legal fees. Each time they call it’s a different name and they transfer me to what they claim is an Atty with the Cyber Crime unit. He would not give me the number to Instant Cash, it was “a conflict of interest’. They were very rude and I got hung up on twice. I worked for 15 years in collections and as an Attorney Liaison. What they are claiming is crazy. Does anyone have any information on what happened after they “filed with the court house in a hour and are sending people to my job”? I see several complaints but no follow up to what may have happened. Please let me know if you have any updates. Good luck.

I got a call from a Dexter ** today and the past few days. He leaves a payday loan companies Dayton voicemail telling me that I need to reach an attorney and to call the number **. I finally answered the call since he called me at work and informed him that since I got his voicemails and I tried calling back, there’s a recording that is telling me phone # is no longer in service. So when I called back today and spoke with an attorney named ** , he told me I took out a loan with Cash USA but wouldn’t tell me when or for how much. It was very hard to understand him. And when I tried to ask what account it was posted to, he told me that he didn’t have that information. The more information that I asked, the more mad he got and so I told him that I would seek an attorney and call him back. But before I hung up, he wanted to know why I would take the money and not pay back and asked what kind of person I was for taking money like that and he hung up on me! I just hate that he would call my place of employment and threaten me like this. We need to put a stop to these people!

For months, and this goes back to , I was receiving calls and emails from a Frank ** for the amount of $8,000 for Cash Tree Pay day Loan I never applied for. My personal information was hacked and the data for the so-called dates and personal account, employment etc in his records were way off, and in some cases not even existent at the time. . I contacted my bank, filed a complaint with the FBI and had the fraudulent address removed from my credit report.

I also found a fraudulent Florida address attached to my social security number in my credit reports

Now, a Michael ** from Cash USA is threatening to sue if I don’t pay up the same $8,000 from Cash USA with late fees, attorney and court fee’s, and has my social security number. I have never applied for and received these funds from any company. It seems nothing I do will make them stop, and I’m at the point where I’m afraid to answer my home phone.

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